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Eating some types of seeds can help improve the effects of a weight loss diet. Because of their fiber and amino acids, they are ideal for metabolism. There are various types of seeds that help to lose weight. Although they do not have miraculous properties, they are ideal for weight loss. Many of these are


Valerian root has over 120 chemical compounds that act not only as a sedative but also as an antispasmodic agent. Although valerian can act as a dreamer, there is no known possibility or side effect of being addictive. Valerian is safe and effective and does not impair motor skills. In addition to improving sleep quality,

Hematopoietic foods for women

An adequate amount of blood is very important in a woman’s body Because women in addition to their pregnancy experience go through a period of menstruation with the flow of blood every month. In this article, we introduce the Hematopoietic food. Beetroot A glass of beetroot juice contains 1.1 mg of iron and helps increase

Is slimming with fennel true?

People often use fennel because of its sweet taste and health benefits. In the past, doctors used fennel in herbal remedies, and this is still the case. Fennel is a Mediterranean herb known worldwide today. The fennel consists of a white bubble and long, green stems. This plant grows almost everywhere. All parts of the

“Coconut Oil” Benefits

Today, more than 1,500 studies show that coconut oil is one of the healthiest foods on earth. Edible coconut oil due to the high amount of its nutrients caused to lose weight and it eliminates the risk of heart disease and Alzheimer’s. Properties of coconut oil for facial skin Important (insensitivity test): Before applying any

Top 9 high protein foods for Vegetarians

If properly planned for the vegetarian diet, It can be a complete diet But if there is an excess, It puts people at risk for weight loss, iron deficiency anemia and some other deficiencies.During the diet, what should vegetarians pay attention to?During the day, consume various plant sources, especially those with high energy. Have more