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6 Ways Social Media Affects Our Mental Health

Health experts believe sitting like smoking is harmful to health. Regarding the number of illnesses and the number of deaths associated with inactivity, sitting is one of the worst disasters that can affect our health. But worse, what we do when we sit down; Imagine devoting valuable minutes of leisure time to social media. For

Natural remedies for anxiety

You have anxiety, worry, fear, loss of control and worry about money, health, work, family and love. Your heart beats fast, your breathing gets harder, your mind doesn’t look good and you wish you could just relax a bit. It doesn’t matter if you have a severe anxiety disorder or you’re just worried and upset,


Valerian root has over 120 chemical compounds that act not only as a sedative but also as an antispasmodic agent. Although valerian can act as a dreamer, there is no known possibility or side effect of being addictive. Valerian is safe and effective and does not impair motor skills. In addition to improving sleep quality,

What’s the meaning of Anger?

Anger is a kind of emotion that is mildly possible, or editorial, in certain respects. Anger can be addressed using our immune and biological systems so that we can ask for quick breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, and secretin and noradrenaline secretion services. You can control it. In this case, you can use the Anger

Meditation For Mindfulness

The effect of meditation on boosting brain power, concentration, and mood For more than 50 years, scientific research has uncovered complete evidence of the various 15 effects and benefits of meditation on the life course. In this article, Performance Site points to the impact of meditation on boosting brain power, concentration, and mood; evidence suggests