Coronavirus Natural Remedies: Herbal Antivirals

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With the recent spread of coronavirus, there have been many people asking me what plants I use to protect my family and myself during this illness. First of all, I follow the CDC’s instructions for washing hands frequently, using hand sanitizer, disinfecting surfaces, preventing eye contact, nose and mouth and distracting myself from other people. This is especially important for people who are at greater risk of developing the disease. As for herbal remedies, I describe what I use as a natural antivirals in my own home. Please note that this is not a medical recommendation – I’m a doctor. Not an M.D. This is what I do as a botanist for my family. In the first place when I am with other people to avoid illness, I use a “travel pack”. I wear them inside of my nose (where viruses often come in) and try my fingertips with my first aid, spray the throat with Usnea Lichen spray, and I take Elderberry tincture because it’s an Anti-virus has been well researched (there are three items in my “Travel Pack”). Besides, I also get Turkey Tail and Reishi Mushroom hair color daily. I also drink hot water every 20-30 minutes and soak in saltwater. Updated: If I get the Coronavirus, I will reduce the amount of mushroom and Usnea use to 3.3 per day. Elderberry is generally recommended for prevention at present, but you are not sure about the potential risk of a cytokine storm for treatment. Other things that I am available to deal with besides Tail Tail, Reishi and Usnea include:

Licorice root, garlic, and colloidal silver, all of which have been investigated and supported as antiviral. I am also sure that I am getting enough vitamins D, C, and zinc. Echinacea is another common antivirus. I do not use Echinacea because I have an autoimmune disease and it is known to be very irritating to people with autoimmune problems. However, it seems like a great option for people without these issues. Remember – it is also important to research possible drug interactions with your doctor or naturopath. Update: It seems to be the major side effect on the respiratory system, so if the mucus is a problem, I use Yerba Santa Tincture to dry myself, as well as this bronchial mixture (with Lungwort Lichten, Mullein, And Yerba Santa). If you have trouble breathing please seek medical advice.

I hope this blog about what I do to fight coronavirus in my home helps answer many of my questions about what I think are the best herbs to achieve this outbreak. If you have any questions about these herbs, please talk to a natural practitioner, review the research they have been doing, and for those interested in natural remedies, please buy the latest version of My Book: The Lost Book of Medicines herbal. : The Healing Power of Medicinal Plants “for more information on medicinal plants.

(source: Nicole Apelian ‘s blog, Ph.D., herbalist and author of The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies: The Healing Power of Plant Medicine )

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