Symptoms That Say You Have Parasites

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Most people think that the human body is less susceptible to parasite invasion and this is only seen in the poorer countries of the world, but according to the World Health Organization, there are currently about three billion people infected with the parasite in the world.
Parasites by their type can feed on red blood cells and cause anemia or they eat nutritious foods and cause malnutrition. These parasites also prevent the body from excreting toxins. Here are some of the symptoms that indicate the presence of a parasite in the body.

Where do the parasites come from?

Parasites usually enter the body through drinking water or eating contaminated food. There are other methods of transmission, of course, but contaminated water and food are still two main ways. When the parasites enter the body, they multiply in the intestines and show a set of symptoms that affect health, and gradually spread throughout the body.

Parasites and sleep disorders

You know that sleep disorders are caused by physical and emotional conditions that directly affect melatonin (sleep hormone) depletion. However, if you are severely suffering from this problem and have difficulty falling asleep, it is best to check for possible parasites in your body, Because these microorganisms can cause urinary incontinence, sleep disorders and insomnia. 

Parasites and skin problems

Many diseases affect the health of the skin and cause many problems. When the parasite enters the body and begins to proliferate, skin symptoms such as urticaria, dry skin, acne and skin lesions, eczema and skin ulcers occur.

Parasite and fatigue

Parasites drain the body’s energy and cause severe fatigue, depression and general lethargy and they even disrupt the process of normal life.

Parasites and irritable bowel syndrome

Irritable bowel syndrome is a condition that manifests itself with abdominal pain, diarrhea, and constipation. Although the underlying causes of the disease have not been elucidated, the likelihood of the disease is high due to the presence of parasites in the body.

Parasites and gastrointestinal problems

These microorganisms cause many problems in the intestinal mucosa (which are responsible for the absorption of nutrients). In general, parasites can cause problems such as allergies or intolerance to food, abdominal inflammation, and digestive problems by damaging these cells. 

Parasites and inflammation

The presence of parasites in the body can cause inflammation in the tissues of the body and cause common diseases such as chest pain, muscle cramps, swelling of the hands and feet, heart pain, and navel pain.

Parasites and lack of body weight control

In modern societies, weight loss without reason is a blessing that many people are looking for. But this can indicate a hidden problem in the body such as the presence of a parasite. Parasites block the absorption of nutrients by the body and consume most of the nutrients. As a result, they multiply rapidly and cause health problems that can sometimes be very dangerous. Parasites sometimes cause uncontrolled hunger and in the long run, they cause obesity.

Parasites and mental disorders

When these parasites enter the body and reproduce, they also affect the nervous system. Symptoms that cause this problem include stress, high anxiety, depression, anger, mood changes, and memory loss.

Parasites and genital problems

In most cases, the parasites cause urinary problems and genital problems. These include premenstrual syndrome, menstrual disturbance, prostate problems, cysts, uterine myoma, water retention, and urinary incontinence diseases.

Methods of removing parasites from the body

When symptoms of parasites appear in the body, it is best to see a doctor and do medical examinations. Then, according to the doctor’s diagnosis, appropriate treatments are performed. It is important to avoid excessive consumption of processed foods and sugar during treatment. Instead, we recommend that you increase your fiber intake, as they help to break down these microorganisms faster. You can also include many foods in your diets, such as coconut oil, pumpkin seeds, aloe vera, ginger, pineapple, berries, and pomegranate seeds.

In any case, you need to pay special attention to these symptoms. Nutrition is important to prevent the growth and spread of parasites in the body. Early detection of the parasite is the best way to deal with it and to control the body’s condition and maintain health.

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