Eating fast or slow

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Have you ever wondered how long your eating will take? Eating speed can change your weight and digestion. If you eat fast, you get more calories and you gain weight. Instead, eating slowly can control your weight and reduce the symptoms of indigestion.


When you eat fast, you go beyond the limit of fullness. As we start eating, hormonal signals alert the brain to food entering the digestive system. These signals are sent even after you stop eating, and your brain will notice your satiety about 20 minutes after they are eaten. So, in the end, you may think you are not full, but after 10 to 30 minutes you will feel full. Eating slowly makes the body recognize the satiety signal earlier.

Calories consumed

By eating more slowly you get fuller and you get fewer calories. A study of 30 women found that women who ate more slowly consumed 10% fewer calories and consumed more water. In contrast, women who ate faster had less satiety and ate more and more calories, leading to weight gain.

Better digestion

The digestive process begins before food enters the stomach with increased salivation and breakdown in the mouth. By eating fast this breakdown is not done properly and the absorption of important nutrients decreases. Eating slowly will allow you to chew for a longer time so that a part of the digestive process is carried out until it enters the stomach. If you eat fast, you enter a large amount of food in the stomach in a short time, and this can lead to indigestion.

Useful Tips

A proverb said, Eating time is not part of human life! So do not hurry and eat slowly. After a while, you will find that you are more aware of what you are eating and how much you can enjoy the taste, smell, color, and texture of the food, and that is the conscious concept of eating. When eating consciously, you should avoid distractions so as not to neglect the amount of food you eat.

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