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The effect of meditation on boosting brain power, concentration, and mood

For more than 50 years, scientific research has uncovered complete evidence of the various 15 effects and benefits of meditation on the life course. In this article, Performance Site points to the impact of meditation on boosting brain power, concentration, and mood; evidence suggests that doing this will significantly improve your brain function and mood.

These days, you feel like you’ve become a robot. You bring yourself to work and take care of your boss’s demands. You will again be under a lot of pressure this year to make more money than last year. You go home and have to deal with kids who always want something from you, and with all the things you need to do while you’re at home, you rarely find time to get in touch with your spouse. You don’t even have a moment for yourself; all these things make you so stressed that you reach a point of exhaustion. But life should not be like this. Is there a simple solution that has proven to be effective in reducing stress levels? Something that cleanses your mind of all the clutter of life and helps you feel more energized, focused, and energized every morning. Something that will make you ready to conquer the world. Meditation or meditation is what can do these things.

The Benefits of Meditation

  • You will easily make the best decisions

If you are often stressed out, you are likely to have moments in your life where you will make bad decisions. Whether you are detailing a major project or making a big mistake that will negatively impact other people or any other consequences that you know yourself well, you will be caught when you are not in the best position to make the decision.

What, at times like this, has disrupted your existence is a skill called executive functioning. Simply put, executive function is a part of the brain that helps you achieve the goals you are trying to achieve. The executive function helps you with some tasks, such as time management, attention to an issue, planning, organizing, and remembering details. Scientists have found convincing evidence in scientific studies that meditation will protect people with impaired executive functioning skills against conditions such as ADHD.

  • You will become an expert in stress management

Stressful moments stimulate the amygdala; the amygdala is a part of the brain called the “lizard brain, the lizard brain.” The amygdala is one of the essential parts of the brain associated with fear and excitement, and its primary function is to aid human survival. High levels of stress can put humans in a “lizard brain” state controlled by the amygdala. Imagine, for example, a situation where you are in a hot temper or fear of death that may hurt you. When you are in this state, other important parts of the brain such as the prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain that is capable of controlling higher levels of thinking such as decision making, self awareness, empathy, and ethics, are deactivated. Essentially, science has shown that meditation can help better control stress by activating a part of the brain that makes better decisions.

  • Naturally, you will remember useful information

Imagine just having a list of the goods you want to buy from the grocery store without actually writing them down somewhere. But when you go into the store, you forget about some of these.

In this situation, your working memory capacity is depleted. You have activated your working memory when you want to stick a note pad in your mind so you can use it in the near future. Sometimes, the problem arises when this note is removed when needed.

In one study, about two hundred teens were asked to practice mindfulness meditation, others to do yoga, while others were on the waiting list as a control group. The results of this study showed that working memory capacity of adolescents in the meditation group was significantly higher than the other two groups.

  • You will become an amazing, eloquent speaker

If you find yourself in a situation where you are talking to someone else and you have trouble finding the right words and trying to accurately express what you have in mind, this is not the ideal way to get your word out.

According to a verbal skills expert named Min Liu, a verbal psychologist means “the ability to find the right words at the right time or in the right place.”

  • Your focus will be like a laser

However, the information we have available in the digital age is easily distracted. On average we are exposed to 10,000 ads per day, and in this situation, it will be difficult to identify the important things to focus on. In the event that we disregard ourselves, our attention span has been significantly reduced due to the overloading of information.

Just 5 minutes a day, for five days, attending meditation sessions can improve the power of attention; it can simply show the impact and importance of making a small change in life and dedicating a little time to practicing the moment.

  • Your brainpower is growing tremendously

The more you meditate, the faster your brain will process information, and this will be especially useful when you need to think fast. As for thinking fast, such a digital brain can really benefit your brainpower!

  • You will be empowered to solve problems

When your brain is solving a challenging problem, it requires a skill that can concentrate on the most important of all the information.

A simple example of brain activity to resolve such contradictions can be seen when you are talking to a friend at a busy party. If your brain does not detect and resolve all the contradictory stimuli around you by ignoring surrounding sounds and focusing on your friend, you are likely to experience sensory overload.

This suggests that people who generally practice meditation have a lower level of stress because their brains have become more skilled at resolving contradictions.

  • Your creativity will flourish

Mindfulness meditation drives ideas directly into the neocortex of your brain; the neocortex is the part of the brain where all your creative thinking is formed. Therefore, it is not surprising that many successful companies recommend meditation to their employees.

  • Eliminate anxiety, and you will experience peace

When anxiety becomes a regular part of your daily life, it can hurt you; it can cause you to lose sleep quality, be in constant stress, and have a full-blown mind that will not rest for a moment.

The gray matter in the amygdala, a part of the brain that plays an important role in anxiety and stress, has been reduced by meditation.

  • Your brain will stay young forever

Most of the nerves in the brain are inside a complex called gray matter. Inside this gray matter, there are important functions such as memory, emotions, speech, decision making, and self-control.

By the age of 5, the brain is slowly and slowly shrinking. But the evidence suggests that those who keep their minds in good shape by regularly practicing meditation are preventing it from shrinking.

  • You’ll work great in keeping up with the changes

“Cognitive flexibility” is one of the vital functions known as the body’s ability to adapt to its behaviors in response to changes in the environment.

Imagine you have just begun living in a new country, your level of cognitive flexibility determines your pace of adaptation to all the changes in your surroundings, such as driving the opposite car, learning a local language, discovering the nuances of a new culture, and so on…

So, if you’ve ever had trouble adjusting to a new situation, doing a little meditation may solve your problem.

  • You will gradually win the fight against sadness

If you do not suffer from clinical depression but have a little feeling of sadness or failure, meditation can improve your mood.

  • You will get stronger and feel less pain

Mindfulness meditation in clinical trials has shown it can reduce chronic pain by up to 5%; experienced meditators can reduce their pain by up to 5%. Studies on brain scans show that meditation can physically alter the structure of the brain so that it no longer feels the same levels of pain intensity.

  • Your ability to control yourself increases one step

If, when you are on a lean diet, you are constantly tempted to eat ice cream, or whenever you try to quit smoking, the temptation to smoke will kill your life, perhaps meditation is what you need and can give you more self-control.

The results of one study showed that smokers who practiced meditation for approximately two hours over a two-week period were about 2 percent less likely to smoke than another group of smokers who did not meditate.

  • Your level of happiness will also go up a step

If you’ve ever experienced the pleasant, energetic feeling of runners high, you probably know how good the brain’s endorphin secretion is. Although endorphins are neurotransmitters that the body uses as a natural pain reliever, they also contribute to the general sense of happiness that sometimes comes to us.

When compared to one professional runner and two trained meditators in one study, the scientists found that endorphin levels in the organs of both groups increased significantly after running and meditating. Interestingly, by measuring the pleasant effects of endorphin secretion in both groups, the scientists observed that the effect was greater in the meditation group.

Even better, when you do meditation, it will actually have the time and space to think about the purpose and what motivates you. And as a result, once you find the purpose of life, you will be even happier!

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